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Foto Huisarts Dumont

Ms A. Dumont, General Practitioner (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)




Ms T. Koole, General Practioner (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)





Ms. H. Vergers, General Practioner (Tuesday and Thursday)




Foto van Wendy 

Wendy Breusers, Medical Assistant



 Hilda de Rijke

Hilda de Rijke, Medical Assistant



The assistant is your first contact point if you call the practice. She makes appointments for consultations and home visits. She knows the answers to many practical questions, e.g. on referrals and prescriptions. You may also call her for test results or for repeat prescriptions. She also measures blood pressure, does cryotherapy for warts, simple wound treatment, earwax treatment, surgical stich removal, urine tests and compression bandages. For these matters you may make an appointment with her. 



Monique Soonius, Nurse Practitioner family practice




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